Top 5 things to know about Trump supporters


Trump’s supporters are not to be spoken to nor try to reason with
them NEVER!! because they are already following blindly
Trump’s decisions no matter how dumb his dicisions are so it
does not matter if you try to speak with them or try to make
them understand with kind words that he isn’t a good president
they will never listen .

2-All Lives matter Mouvement

in the past months america faced another tragedy that started a
pacifist movement called Black lives matter supporting the
african american community against the injustice and
mistreatment they were enduring , the majority of the people
stood side by side in this movement peacefully seeking justice


Trump’s fights are their fights. They got his back no matter what
happens and will do the impossible for him to succeed like the
latest events never done by any civil group for an elected
president .


they are aggressive in a lot of events. They would go to certain
events of the opposite party and trash the place, attack the
supporters of the other party or when they are in a good mood
they just make a huge scene trash talking and all and ruin
everything .

5-Most of them are Raciste

as we all know Donald Trump’s father was a member of the K K
K ,Fred Trump was arrested for participating in a gathering of
the evil group and it seems that the ideologie of Fred Trump
wasn’t just passed down to his son but also to his supporters
the majority of the people who were against the Black lives
matter movement were trump supporters some of theme eve,
held guns against the protestors when they were just
specifically passing by .



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